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friends please?

Name: Emma
Nicknames: Seika
Age: 16
Astro. Sign:
Hobbies: Video games, writing, art/pixelart, reading, anime, cats
Interests: Everything listed above.
Most-Likely to: End up in prison. Or something.
In High School you were/would be voted most: I was voted most artistic in middle school, does that count?
Best Qualities[s]: I try to offer advice when I can, I guess. I'm random but I'm also serious when the need arises.
Worst Habit[s]: I tend to take things too seriously.
Guilty Pleasures: Watching children's cartoons. Arthur, Wordgirl and the Yugioh dubbed version.
Things that get under your skin: People who are pointlessly cruel to others, crazy jesus freaks
What you refuse to live without: computer! :D
The thing your not suppose to do but do anyway: Write smutty fanfiction >.>
Fav. Shows: House, Mushishi, Paranoia Agent, Haibane Renmei
Fav. Movies: Pretty much anything Ghibli, Kakurenbo, Uzumaki
Fav. Books: The Underland Chronicles series, the Deltora series, Perdido Street Station, Genesis Alpha
Fav. Fandoms: Earthbound/MOTHER, Persona 3, World of Warcraft, Pokemon (not the anime, sorry!), Yume Nikki
Fav. Characters: Porky, Lucas, Kumatora, Ken, Shinjiro, Fuuka, Banette, Tangrowth, Uboa, Seccom Masada
Fav. 'Ships: ...I really only ship ones that would be considered crack/weird, so I won't mention any here.
Fav. Place to be: My couch?
If you could have a Superpower it be: PSI uhh... endless underwater breathing/immunity to water pressure.
Your future goals include: Publishing a fantasy novel
I claim the geekdom of: I had something clever to put here but I forgot it. For now... LUMBERJACKS.
Any more comments?: You can contact me on MSN - You should know the drill with the AT.
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