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My turn!


Name: Andrea
Nicknames: Dre, Andre, Iggy
Age: 20. ^__^
Astro. Sign: Aquarius, and damn proud of it too!
Hobbies: Anything fine arts. I love to sing, dance, and to keep a melody in my head. I also partake in reading, writing, and being silly. XD
Interests: Isn't it the same thing? Anime, manga, music, books, fangirling, cartoons, CNN, musicals! Yes, musicals!!
Most-Likely to: Attempt to cheer you up if you're upset. I like to heal people.
In High School you were/would be voted most: Talented in choir. :P
Best Qualities[s] Creativity, seriousness, friendliness, optimism
Worst Habit[s]: Impatient, cranky, gets annoyed easily
Guilty Pleasures: Oh my! I would have to say the occasional Britney Spears song, reality TV, or manga, which a lot of my friends don't know I like. :P Twilight, yes, Twilight. And I listen to Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brother's too? (ducks)
Things that get under your skin: Bad persistence, arrogance, jokes with bad taste
What you refuse to live without: Boosk, music, or my brothers.
The thing your not suppose to do but do anyway: Stay on the computer too much. Fangirl obsessively when I get in the mood.
Fav. Shows: Card Captor Sakura, Death Note, CSI, Fruits Basket, Mythbusters, The Emperor's New School, True Blood, etc.
Fav. Movies: The Day After Tomorrow, Memoirs of A Geisha, Twilight, Harry Potter, Bruce Almighty, etc.
Fav. Books: Harry Potter series, Phillipa Greggory series, Twilight series, Everything is Illuminated, etc.
Fav. Fandoms: I tend to switch really quickly. But right now I'm on a Harry Potter, Death Note and Card Captor Sakura hype. With the ocassional Twilight.
Fav. Characters: Tonks (Harry Potter), Eriol (Card Captor Sakura), Near (Death Note), Malina (The Emperor's New School)
Fav. 'Ships: Tonks/Lupin, Ron/Hermione, Sakura/Syaoran, Eriol/Kaho, Halle/Mello, Malina/Kuzco
Fav. Place to be: The ocean. Alone with my thougths. Or a rainy setting.
If you could have a Superpower it be: Flying or breathing underwater.
Your future goals include: Changing the world.
I claim the geekdom of:(anything you wish): HARRY POTTER! Lol. I don't know. :P 
Any more comments? I'm generally a really open person who just wants some cool people to talk to. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you, and my journal is open to anybody as long as you let me know first, ok?~  ^___^
Last words: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." - Jimmy Hendrix.
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