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Name: Sondra, but I prefer Shinji or Ryoji.
Nicknames: Shinji, Sunny, Ryoji.
Astro. Sign:
Roleplaying, video gaming, watching anime, using my tarot cards, walking around, listening to music, writing, taking care of animals.
Animals, language, culture, travel, astrology, music, sociology, human behavior and emotion, anatomy... I have quite a list.
Most-Likely to:
Space out, crack a joke or be a shoulder to cry on.
In High School you were/would be voted most:
Artistic, awkward or silent.
Best Qualities[s]
Enduring, loyal, honest, understanding, caring, friendly.
Worst Habit[s]:
Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia.
Guilty Pleasures:
Video gaming, roleplaying, having lots of warm coffee, or cold coffee, or cold tea, or hot tea~ Anime characters, and just acting stupid.
Things that get under your skin:
Judgment, lack of understanding, two-faced individuals.
What you refuse to live without
: My friends, my family, my rights, my music.
The thing your not suppose to do but do anyway:
Get distracted or over-worried.
Fav. Shows:
Boondocks, Scrubs, Two and a Half Men, Family Guy, ATHF.
Fav. Movies:
None, really.
Fav. Books:
DX None.
Fav. Fandoms:
Boondocks, Outlaw Star, Grandia, Disgaea, Tales of the Abyss, Persona 3... Harvest Moon... I have a lot.
Fav. Characters:
Ed Wuncler, Harry MacDougal, Flonne, Luke, Junpei... Among a lot of others.
Fav. 'Ships:
LaharlxFlonne. MinatoxRyoji, MinatoxAigis, MinatoxFuuka.
Fav. Place to be:
I don't have a favorite.
If you could have a Superpower it be:
Teleportation or stopping time.
Your future goals include:
Getting a Canadian citizenship and looking into colleges.
I claim the geekdom of:(anything you wish)
Outlaw Star, Tenchi Muyo, Tales of the Abyss, Persona 3 and Grandia~
Any more comments?
Feel free to add me.
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