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Name: Krizia
Nicknames: Kuri, Kiriko and Zia
Age: 20 Ohmaigod I'm almost 21
Astro. Sign: Scorpio
Hobbies: Travel, Photography, Dancing, Drinking, Sleeping, Writing, Walking.
Interests: Food, Music, Movies, Clubbing, Boys, blogs, languages, collecting, talking, arts, Sex, Alcohol, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Arashi, Super Junior, Bump of Chicken, J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, Oguri Shun, Asian Dramas, cooking.
Most-Likely to: End up in an unknown city/country without a dime to her name.
In High School you were/would be voted most: Sponatneous
Best Qualities[s]: I give when I can, easily approachable, I laugh at my own embarrassment.
Worst Habit[s]: Putting everything off for tomorrow, rambling, spending more than I have.
Guilty Pleasures: Caramel, Sleeping in
Things that get under your skin: Discrimination, People who are bent on ruining my day, liars, unnecessary competiton.
What you refuse to live without: My Ipod, my digital camera.
The thing your not suppose to do but do anyway: Uhm....make long distance calls? Fight with my brother? I don't really have too many restrictions.
Fav. Shows: Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, Rookies, Love Shuffle, Cartoon Kat-tun, Law & Order, Ghost Hunters International, GTO, Shigeshoshi.
Fav. Movies: Koizora, Crying out love at the center of the world, Moonchild, 5 Centimeters per second, House of flying daggers, Crows Zero, Princess Bride, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan.
Fav. Books: Socrates in Love, Leaves of Grass, Left Behind series, Akuma no Ororon.
Fav. Fandoms: Wolf's Rain, Love Shuffle, Hana Yori Dango, Law & Order (All series), Doctor Who, X-men, Icarly.
Fav. Characters: The Doctor, Tsume, Stabler, Munch, Gambit, Soujiro, Oujiro, Mr. Belding, Gibby
Fav. 'Ships: Doctor/Rose, Tsukushi/Domyouji, Olivia/Stabler, Zack/Kelly, Gambit/ Rogue Sam/Freddy
Fav. Place to be: My Room, my boyfriend's aparment, Karaoke bar.
If you could have a Superpower it be: Flight. I've grown up in the air.
Your future goals include: Getting a B.L.A, moving in with my boyfriend, travel.
I claim the geekdom of: globe-hopping with nothing but a gym bag.
Any more comments?: I'm tri-lingual and aiming on picking up two more languages! I have Spanish, English and Japanese already under my belt, and now I'm aiming for Korean and Italian.
Last words:
I don't care what anyone says. I AM the Karaoke Queen ♪♪♪♪
GIF-16.gif Funny Asian Kids gif image by moosetash
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