Carmen (sicodelique) wrote in geekdom_friends,

Name: Carmen   
Nicknames: Mc ; sic...
Astro. Sign:leo
Hobbies:dancing,reading,graphic design,fanfiction...
Interests:cats,tv shows,science fiction,fantasy,astronomy,alternative rock,foreign languages,internet,the sims 3...
Most-Likely to:added you to my f-list if you seem a coll person
In High School you were/would be voted most:interesting girl ever,XD!
Best Qualities[s]:I'm open-minded.
Worst Habit[s]:I'm too shy and I don't rely on people easily.
Guilty Pleasures:I like Twilight and I think Miley Cyrus is a nice girl,XD!
Things that get under your skin:discrimination,bad jokes.
What you refuse to live without:my computer and the internet.
The thing your not suppose to do but do anyway:be on my computer late at night.
Fav. Shows:lost,supernatural,doctor who,torchwood,merlin,legend of the seeker,stargate,an a lot more...
Fav. Movies:star trek xi,the dark knight,sweeney todd,iron man,pirates of the caribbean,terminator...
Fav. Books:harry potter,the dark tower,the uglies series,a song of ice and fire...
Fav. Fandoms:lost,supernatural,merlin.
Fav. Characters:castiel,benjamin linus,richard alpert,morgana lafay.
Fav. 'Ships:dean/castiel,ben/juliet,richard/jacob,merlin/ morgana.
Fav. Place to be:my home.
If you could have a Superpower it be:telepathy.
Your future goals include:having a cat,learning how to cook.
I claim the geekdom of:(anything you wish) i don't know.
Any more comments?Not really
Last words:I'm really looking forward to meet new friends :)
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